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  • Suede Gym Towel
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  • Suede Gym Towel

Suede Gym Yoga Sports Towel

Suede gym towel is made from suede fabric. It is one fabric produced by woven technology, made of polyester and nylon and has good water absorption and quick-drying. If you use it for swimming, fitness or yoga, this product is perfect for you. We have exported suede sports towel to USA, Japan, Greece, France, Canada, Australia and many other countries, and it is popular among our customers.


Product Description

Product Description

Why do we choose it for sports towels?

First of all, at same weight, the volume of the folded towel is one fifth of that of the terry towel, which is very convenient to carry and saving space.Secondly, it has excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties. It can be dried in a few hours after washing and can be used continuously, suitable for high-frequency use. It would be better and easier if you could buy two to use alternately.

Features of Suede

Microfiber suede is woven from microfiber polyester and nylon yarn. Its monofilament fineness is less than 0.2dtex, which is about one tenth of that of ordinary fibers. Due to small diameter of the fiber, its curvature is also small, so the surface of the fabric woven from this material is fine and smooth; it has better softness and comfort than ordinary fabrics. This series of fabrics have strong anti-bacterial properties and no irritation to skin. Moreover, they are light weight and various products made from these fabrics are easy to carry.

Microfiber suede and its products have many unique quality performances, which can be summarized as follows:

(1) Exquisite and soft feel

The bending strength of the fiber is expressed by the bending stiffness. The smaller the bending stiffness is, the softer the fiber will be. The bending rigidity of the fiber is directly proportional to the fourth power of the fiber diameter. When the linear density is reduced from 1.1 dtex to 0.11 dtex, the fiber fineness is one tenth of the original, while the bending rigidity of the fiber is only one hundred thousandth, so the softness of this surface is greatly increased.

(2) High cleanliness

One of the major uses of microfiber suede is to make a clean cloth or wipe cloth, which gives full play to its high cleaning ability. When wiping objects with the fabric made of microfiber, because the single fiber is very thin, one fiber is like a sharp knife, which is easy to scrape the dirt off, and it is very soft and will not damage the lens surface.

(3) High water absorption and oil absorption

When the fiber becomes thinner, its specific surface area increases, and more and smaller capillary holes are formed at the same time. The specific surface area of the fiber increases, which can improve the moisture absorption of the material. What's more, it can greatly increase the capillary core absorption capacity of the microfiber fabric, and can absorb and store more liquid, water or oil. It has become another major use of microfiber suede towel, such as bath towels, bathrobes, sports towels and so on.

(4) No damage to the surface of the object after wiping

This kind of microfiber is only 0.1ddtex. It is very fine but has toughness. Its wedge-shaped cross-section of polyester structure and like starfish shaped cross-section of nylon structure can extend into any uneven surface to completely remove dust. And nylon, as is thin and soft, won't scratch the surface of the object.

(5) Washable and durable

This microfiber suede towel made of polyester and nylon has stronger frictional strength than natural fibers and regenerated fibers, so it is not easy to fall off when used, and it will not fluff even if used more than 2000 times, so it can be washed and used repeatedly.
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Specification & Service

Feature Soft & plush, soft touch, durable, quick-dry, super water absorption, no color fade, no terry fall
Material 100% polyester/85% polyester 15% polyamide
Technics Woven/striped/plain dyed/printed
Weight 180-200GSM, can do as customer requires
Size 70x140cm; 75x150cm; 40x40cm; or customized size
Color White, orange, pink, green, blue, red, purple, yellow or as customer requires
Logo 1. Printed logo 2. Embroidered logo 3. Embossed logo
Inner packing In PP or PE polybag, or as customer requires
Outer packing Export cartons
Sample times Existing samples in 2-3 days; customized samples in 2 weeks
OEM & ODM Acceptable
MOQ 300kg/color (we accept small orders if we have stocks)
Delivery clause FOB, CIF, CFR, EXW, DDP, etc
Shipment By sea, air, express delivery
Loading port Tianjin port; Qingdao port; Ningbo Port
Payment terms TT deposit or L/C at sight
Delivery Ship in 30 days after payment


Why choose us 


We are manufacturer of microfiber for many years, compared with trade company we are more professional, the most important thing is that you can get low price and good quality from us! 

OEM Service:

We have our own designer, so we can meet your requirements. 

Related products:

Besides microfiber sport suede towels, we also can supply microfiber cleaning cloth, coral fleece towel, car gloves, glass towel est. cleaning products. Please let me know what you need. 


We have special and responsible after-sales staff, if you have any questions, we can solve it in time. 

Quality control:

Our company has own quality inspector, which will conduct more than two or three times sampling inspections in the production process, and conduct full inspection when packaging, and pick out all unqualified products. In addition, if you need a professional third party inspection or factory inspection, it is available. 


Our products do not contain any harmful substances, and we have certification and report about product quality and our factory!

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If any requirements, please feel free to send me inquiry or email. Thanks!




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