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  • Multipurpose Shiny Cleaning Towel
  • Multipurpose Shiny Cleaning Towel
  • Multipurpose Shiny Cleaning Towel
  • Multipurpose Shiny Cleaning Towel
  • Microfiber Shiny Cloth

Multipurpose Shiny Cleaning Towel

This is a kind of cleaning towel made of practical and special microfiber yarn, which is a weft knitting process product. The fabric woven from this yarn will have a shiny surface after dyeing. The water absorption and quick-drying properties are also very superior. It is a unique product. We export this towel to USA, Japan, Mexico, and Brazil, and have regular consumer groups.


Product Description

Product Description

Why choose microfiber cleaning towels? 

First of all, in terms of cleaning effect, due to the structural advantages of microfiber, its water absorption, quick drying and decontamination ability are superior to cotton towels. 

In terms of environmental protection, in addition to 100% cotton materials, there are many cotton cleaning towels in the market that contain synthetic fiber. 

It is used to fill the towels that cannot be 100% degraded and pollutes the air when incineration. 

However, microfiber cleaning towels are products that can be completely recycled used. After the towels are recycled, they are re-produced to raw materials and supplied to our manufacturers.

Microfiber Shiny Kitchen Tea Glass Cloth Microfiber Shiny Kitchen Tea Glass Cloth

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Specification & Service

Feature Soft, durable, quick-drying, super water absorption, no color fade, no terry fall
Material 100% polyester/80% polyester 20% polyamide/35% cotton 65% microfiber
Technics Warp knitted/weft knitted/plain dyed/printed
Weight 200-400GSM, can do as customer requires
Size 30x30cm; 40x40cm; or customized size
Color Solid or printed
Logo 1. Printed logo 2. Embroidered logo 3. Embossed logo
Inner packing In PP or PE polybag, or as customer requires
Outer packing Export cartons
Sample times Existing samples in 2-3 days; customized samples in 2 weeks
OEM & ODM Acceptable
MOQ 300kg/color (we accept small orders if we have stocks)
Delivery clause FOB, CIF, CFR, EXW, DDP, etc
Shipment By sea, air, express delivery
Loading port Tianjin port; Qingdao port; Ningbo Port
Payment terms TT deposit or L/C at sight
Delivery Ship in 30 days after payment


What is microfiber?

Microfiber cleaning towel is an epoch-making cleaning product.

Microfiber is a polyester and nylon fiber used to make fabric. 

When multiple microfibers are woven together into a fabric, they create a net-like surface that can absorb and trap moisture, dirt and other particles.

The nylon, or polyamide, in the microfiber has a static electric charge that attracts and traps dirt particles, ensuring dirt clings to the fabric during cleaning. 

During manufacturing, microfiber towel manufacturers use a chemical process to split microfibers and create a positive electric charge. 

This causes dirt and debris, which has a negative charge, to be attracted to and stick to the fabric.

Microfibers are about one-sixteenth of the thickness of a human hair. 

So microfiber towels have many more fibers than in a typical cleaning cloth, allowing them to deep-clean surfaces more easily. 

Their many fibers can get into pores and crevices traditional cleaning tools can't and pick up microscopic dirt and germ particles.

The nylon in the microfiber also helps the microfiber towels be absorbent and dry quickly. 

In fact, microfibers can absorb up to seven to eight times their weight in liquid. 

Microfiber towels can be used wet or dry to clean surfaces and don't require any other chemicals or polishes — they can remove up to 99 percent of dust, dirt and other residues on their own. 

They're thought to be four times more effective than traditional cleaners. 

Why the material containing more nylon has better water absorption? 

In the dyeing process, the cleaning towel containing nylon needs to be alkalized once. 

Through this process, the fiber structure of nylon can be changed and make its fiber structure rougher and increase the specific surface area of the fiber. 

In this process, the polyester fiber does not change. 

Although they are all made of microfiber, nylon fiber becomes rougher and can absorb more dirt and moisture than polyester fiber, and make the product softer.

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Why choose us 

Manufacturer: We are manufacturer of microfiber for many years, compared with trading company we are more professional, the most important thing is that you can get low price and good quality from us! 

OEM Service: We have our own designer, so we can meet your requirements. 

Related products: Besides microfiber shiny cloth, we also can supply microfiber face and bath towel, kitchen cleaning towel, beach towel, sports towel, hair turban wrap, etc.

After-sales: We have special and responsible after-sales staff, if you have any questions, we can solve it in time. 

Quality control: Our company has own quality inspector, which will conduct more than two or three times sampling inspections in the production process, and conduct full inspection when packaging, and pick out all unqualified products. In addition, if you need a professional third party inspection or factory inspection, it is available. 

Certification: Our products do not contain any harmful substances, and we have certification and report about product quality and our factory!
Microfiber Shiny Kitchen Tea Glass Cloth

If any requirements, please feel free to send me inquiry or email. Thanks



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