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  • Microfiber Striped Hair Turban
  • Microfiber Striped Hair Turban
  • Microfiber Striped Hair Turban
  • Microfiber Striped Hair Turban

Microfiber Striped Hair Turban

Microfiber striped hair turban is an epoch-making product. It is soft, absorbent, quick-drying, odorless and durable. It should be a must-have product in every woman's home. Buttons on this product make it easy to wrap your hair together. It can quickly absorb moisture contained in hair; reduce use of hair dryer, which is very energy-saving and environmentally friendly without hurting your hair.


Product Description

Product Description

Microfiber striped hair turban is a very popular product of microfiber hair turban.

The striped color is made of cationic yarn. 

We can dye it to the striped color you need according to your requirements, so that this product can sell well.Microfiber hair turban is a historic product in our factory which we have rich production experience. 

The products are exported to high-end markets such asGermany,Japan, and United States. 

We have exported more than 5 million pieces since production began in 2002.In the early days of microfiber towels appear, they were more expensive than cotton towels.Therefore, the customers use microfiber hair turban, shower caps, and hair bands which are produced from microfiber fabrics.

Due to super absorbent performance of microfiber at that time, microfiber hair turbans were very popular among female consumers.

Especially for women with long hair, it used to be time consuming and laborious to dry their hair before.

But with microfiber hair turban, shower caps, and hair bands, their bathing becomes easier.

What is cation? 

This is because one of the yarns is a cationic yarn that has been specially treated, such as a cationic polyester yarn or cationic nylon yarn. The cationic yarn used in this product is not resistant to high temperatures, so during the dyeing process, the polyester yarn will not be colored when the cationic yarn is colored, therefore a two-color effect will appear on fabrics.  

Cationic fabric is characterized by its two-color effect, which can replace some two-color knitted fabrics and reduce the cost; however it can’t achieve the effect of multi-color fabrics. It's a traditional product.

In general, cationic yarn is used in warp direction and ordinary polyester yarn is used in weft direction. Ordinary dyestuff is used for polyester yarn and cationic dyestuff is used for cationic yarn when dyeing. There will be two-color effect on fabric.Cationic fabric is made of two different kinds of microfiber raw materials, so it has water absorption and quick drying properties of microfiber. 

Features of Cationic Fabric:

  1. Cationic yarn is a kind of special polyester yarn.

  2. Mainly use its dyeing property

  3. Cationic yarn can be dyed at 120-125 degrees with cationic dyestuff; polyester yarn needs to be dyed at 130-135 degrees.

  4. Cation refers to the applicability of dyes.

User guide

SGS report-1-100k.jpg

Use image of hair turban

SGS report-1-100k.jpgSpecification & Service

FeatureSoft & plush, soft touch, durable, quick-dry, super water absorption, no color fade, no terry fall
Material100% polyester/80% polyester 20% polyamide/35% cotton 65% microfiber
TechnicsWarp knitted/weft   knitted/jacquard/striped/plain dyed/printed
Weight200-400GSM, can do as customer requires
Size23x650cm; 25x65cm; 28x65cm; 25x70cm; or customized size
ColorWhite, orange,   pink, green, blue,   red, purple, yellow or as customer requires
Logo1. Printed logo 2. Embroidered logo 3. Embossed logo
Inner packingIn PP or PE polybag, or as customer requires
Outer packingExport cartons
Sample timesExisting samples in 2-3 days; customized samples   in 2 weeks
OEM & ODMAcceptable
MOQ300kg/color (we accept small orders if we   have stocks)
Delivery clauseFOB, CIF, CFR, EXW, DDP, etc
ShipmentBy sea, air, express delivery
Loading portTianjin port; Qingdao port; Ningbo Port
Payment termsTT deposit or L/C at sight
DeliveryShip in 30 days after payment

SGS report-1-100k.jpgIf any requirements, please feel free to send me inquiry or email. Thanks!

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