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The Best Packable Sports Towels

Feb. 23, 2021

We've concluded the Suede gym towel offers the best balance of drying time, packability without compromising comfort and design. A good option for nearly every towel-related scenario, it's lightweight, extra-large, and supersoft, making it usable for both car camping and travel into the backcountry.

The best packable camp towel

Whether used for camping, hiking, traveling, or general outdoor adventuring, this towel is durable enough to handle extended abuse while remaining soft and comfortable.

Why do we choose it for sports towels?

First of all, at same weight, the volume of the folded towel is one fifth of that of the terry towel, which is very convenient to carry and saving space.Secondly, it has excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties. It can be dried in a few hours after washing and can be used continuously, suitable for high-frequency use. It would be better and easier if you could buy two to use alternately.

Suede Gym Towel

Scoring well in nearly every performance category, the Suede gym towel consistently surprised us with its ability to handle the elements. It has an antibacterial treatment to help prevent odor, the Suede gym towel  is large enough to wrap around most folks, and it feels soft against the skin. It's made of a tear-resistant fabric and was the best towel we tested at absorbing water and repelling dirt. Better still, sand from the beach remained on the towel's surface so it was easy to shake off, leaving the towel clean after multiple uses. Its drying time was faster than most of the towels we tested and it packs down to a small size in a zippered breathable pouch, making it convenient for travel or camping.

Features of Suede

Microfiber suede is woven from microfiber polyester and nylon yarn. Its monofilament fineness is less than 0.2dtex, which is about one tenth of that of ordinary fibers. Due to small diameter of the fiber, its curvature is also small, so the surface of the fabric woven from this material is fine and smooth; it has better softness and comfort than ordinary fabrics. This series of fabrics have strong anti-bacterial properties and no irritation to skin. Moreover, they are light weight and various products made from these fabrics are easy to carry.

No damage to the surface of the object after wiping

This kind of microfiber is only 0.1ddtex. It is very fine but has toughness. Its wedge-shaped cross-section of polyester structure and like starfish shaped cross-section of nylon structure can extend into any uneven surface to completely remove dust. And nylon, as is thin and soft, won't scratch the surface of the object.

Washable and durable

This microfiber suede towel made of polyester and nylon has stronger frictional strength than natural fibers and regenerated fibers, so it is not easy to fall off when used, and it will not fluff even if used more than 2000 times, so it can be washed and used repeatedly.

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